January 13, 2017

An epic test of strength that will compliment any program!

January 9, 2017

It's real easy to get excited, get active for a while, get sore, then get over it when it comes to exercise - we're here to help make sure 2017 is one of your best yet.

Throughout this week we'll be releasing some of our foundation programs using exercises that will hel...

April 19, 2016

It's time to showcase Team TIKA - First up, meet Mia!


Mia has been part to the crew for around 3 months and is studying towards a Law & Arts conjoint degree majoring in History & Sociology at Auckland Uni. 


She enjoys the early morning TIKA sessions becau...

November 4, 2015

Its great to see Jay Reeve getting himself moving with TIKA Training's #NZFestivalofFitness this Movember!



"Often men need a little bit of a push. They need someone in their lives to be the reminder to go ‘get it looked at’." - PICTURE COURTESY OF WOMENS WEEKLY NZ



October 28, 2015



This session will take around 15minutes and help you build up you core and lower body strength in a hurry!


SQUATS | Try to keep your chest nice and high, "nipples to the sky", and aim to get your hips below your knees at the b...

October 19, 2015


This session will take only 15minutes but will get your heart rate up in a hurry - aim to finish the reps + run as close to 60 seconds as possible to get some rest between sets to recover.


BURPEES | We all know and love them - you can choose between 'chest to ground b...