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7 Reasons Training Works Your Mind More Than Your Body

There are far more mental benefits when it comes to training than just physical ones.

Why do people get hooked on training? How does it benefit your mind more than your body?

Here are 7 points to back this up..

1. It kickstarts your day.

Training helps keep you at a healthy pace for the rest of your day - You’re more likely to eat better and get moving through the day.

2. It sparks you up better than coffee.

We all love a coffee but caffeine doesn’t always do what we think it does based on the simple fact that we’ve created a dependency on it.

Hit the training and feel the shift in energy levels.

3. It puts you in the moment.

You can't control negative things in the past so theres no point concentrating on them (depression), and you can't control the future so theres no point worrying about it (anxiety).

Exercise is one of the most effective methods of treating depression - it releases endorphins in your brain, which affect your serotonin levels.

Physically active people generally also have lower rates of anxiety and depression than sedentary people.

Training creates a series of controllable mini challenges you can focus on and accomplish as long as you keep moving and keep at it. When you’re training, the only thing on your mind is the task at hand.

The endorphins realeased will help minimize the discomfort you experience during exercise.

4. Your brain will stop you before your body does.

It is incredible what your body is capable of doing - what stops progress is your brain.

Control your mind, grit your teeth and your body will follow.

5. It builds your self-confidence.

You have to back yourself in this world.. after getting the heart rate up you'll attack the day and attack life like the Queen / King of the world.

6. It keeps your brain healthy.

When you exercise, you increase the blood flow throughout your body, which benefits your brain and allows it to perform better.

This is exactly why you feel more focused and attentive after you exercise.

7. Productivity goes through the roof and you get shit done!

Once you've flicked the switch and your brain is up and running, anything is possible.

Got something you've been putting off for ages? Attack it after exercise. If you thought coffee did the trick, you’ll be over the moon with the results post training!

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