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TEAM TIKA - Meet Mia!

It's time to showcase Team TIKA - First up, meet Mia!

Mia has been part to the crew for around 3 months and is studying towards a Law & Arts conjoint degree majoring in History & Sociology at Auckland Uni.

She enjoys the early morning TIKA sessions because there's "something about getting up before the sunrise and being pushed to your limits" that can't be described - "it feels incredible!"

The combination of physical endurance, technical form, and enjoying a few laughs with the crew along the way are what gets her out of bed in the morning - something she became accustomed to back at school when she represented the NZ U18 Waterpolo team (as a 16 year old) in Hawaii back in school days.

Mia's ultimate goal is to be successful in life, not just career wise, but through enjoying balance in all aspects of life.

In her short time at TIKA, Mia has ticked of some awesome goals and enjoying the results of her training, stretch, and pilates classes - check out her gluten / dairy free (mostly) food blog HERE

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