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Eccentric Press Up

Bump Pups

Isometric Hold

1.5 Press Ups (Pups)

Hands Off (HO) Pup

Monkey Pup

Bridge Pup

Haka Pups


Eccentric Squat

Bump Squat

Isometric Hold




1 Leg Squats


1 Leg Seated Jumps


Jump Sprinters


Single Leg Box Jumps


Seated Jumps


Eccentric Chins



Isometric Hold




Hang Pull






Chesty Chins



Pike Punch


Isometric Hold


3 to 1 Pikes


Wire Returns


Monkey Returns




Gorilla Returns





Fully extended, slowly down to ground

Two-inch press ups from ground up.

Static hold in press up position.

Bump pup + full pup.

Lift hands first then press up

3 crawls forward then chest to ground

Take weight and 'drag' yourself laterally

Explosive Pup - hand and feet off ground

Slowly drop to lowest squat position


2 inch squats from bottom of range


Static hold in squat position


Lunge with back leg elevated


Lunge with back leg elevated


Squat to box on one leg


Sit on box, jump high with one leg


Jump lunge with back leg elevated


One leg jump onto box

Sit on box, jump as high as possible

Chin over bar, slowly down to full extension


On front, palms from side to tailbone.

Static hold in half chin up position


Hang from bar, chest up, arms forward

Hang horizontally, hips up, pull chest to bar

Hands 'above head' to tailbone & back


Full extension to chin over bar


Explosive chi to get as high as possible.

Pretend you're crawling under wire.


Lifting position, bend elbows, extend.


Static hold in half press position


3 seconds down, 1 second up (Pike Punch)


Same as wires but return to start point


Crawl forward x4, crawl back to start


Kick feet high as possible up wall

Stumble forward, crawl back to start point


Flat on stomach, explode to 'down-dog'

Pike punch from handstand position

Slower the better

Hips Up

Hips Up

Hips Up

Hips Up

Knees close to ground

Thumbs / Nipples

Hips Up

"Nipples Up"

"Nipples Up"

"Nipples Up"

Bodyweight back

Bodyweight back

Chest up

Chest up

Weight back

Punch arms high

No swinging

Slower the better

Straight arms

Elbows back

Tension through arms

Weight through heels

Eyes down

Palms facing = Arms

Jump if needed

Bend knees

Tailbone high

Elbow behind ears

3 seconds down, 1 second up

Reverse process.

Heels to wall = safe back

Hips go high

Hips up

Chest only contact

Elbows bent (lower = harder)

Thumbs in line with nipples

Chest only Contact

Chest fully to ground

Hips Up / Wide hands

Clap - Chest - Knee progression

Weight through heels

Squeeze bum , don't bounce

Spread weight through foot

Drop back knee

Drop back knee

Hips move first; weight in heel

Punch arms high

Chest up

Chest up

Punch arms high

Elbows back

Eyes down

Lower = Harder

Subtle movement

Hips high

Palms up at bum.

Palms away = Back

Higher = harder

Move 'under wire'

Elbow behind ears.

Lower = harder

High as possible

Squeeze core at top

Thumbs in line with nipples

Eyes down to protect neck.


Full extension at top


Hips high

"Drag T-Shirt"

Take your time.

Slower the better.

Knees behind toes

Push through front heel

Push through front heel

Control down to box

High knees / Up & On

Stay in the fight.

Stay in the fight.

Higher = Harder

Chest must hit bar


Full extension to chin over

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