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Building that foundation for yourself.

It's real easy to get excited, get active for a while, get sore, then get over it when it comes to exercise - we're here to help make sure 2017 is one of your best yet.

Throughout this week we'll be releasing some of our foundation programs using exercises that will help set you up properly for exercise in 2017. Each session will take around 20-25mins depending on your exercise tempo.


Eccentric Press Up + 20 Bump Pups

Eccentric Squat + 20 Bump Squats

Eccentric Chins x5 + Snappers x20

Wires x5 + Pike Punch x20

*5 Sets each

Add this session to you program every now and again and see you'll enjoy an increase in body awareness, strength, and confidence - be sure to touch base with any questions you have & let us know how you found the session!

Check out our YouTube channel for a full outline of these exercises or read through the explanation of movement / key coaching points below.

If you'd like to experience TIKA Training for yourself feel free to come and test your TIKA at the Tin Shed - SESSION TIMES HERE.

CURRENT MEMBERSHIP DEALS include: No sign-on fees; No Term-Contract; No weekly fees until Feb 1, 2017; & unlimited access to TIKA Training / Physiotherapy.

TIKA - You've got it.


Eccentric Press Up - Start with fully extended arms and descend slowly down to ground.

1. Slower the better

2. Hips up

3. Thumbs in line with nipples

Bump Pups - Two-inch press ups from ground up.

1. Thumbs in line with you nipples

2. Hips Up & eyes down to protect neck

3. Chest only contactEyes down to protect neck.

Eccentric Squat - Slowly go down to lowest squat position

1. "Nipples Up"

2. Weight through heels

3. Slower the better.

Bump Squat - 2 inch squats from bottom of stance

1. "Nipples Up"

2. Squeeze bum , don't bounce knees

3. Try increase range of movement each set

Eccentric Chins - Start at the top with chin over bar, slowly down to full extension

1. Slower the better

2. Elbows back

3. Stay in the fight.

Snappers - Lie on front, palms at side from ground to tailbone & repeat.

1. Straight arms

2. Shoulders off the ground

3. Eyes down

Wires - Hands and feet in a square with bum high, pretend you're crawling under wire.

1. Move chest towards thighs then head towards floor.

2. Bend knees & bring elbows in towards body

3. Move forwards 'under wire'

Pike Punch - bum high, lifting position, bend elbows, extend.

1. Chest to thighs

2. Tailbone high

3. Elbow behind ears.

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