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Introducing the TIKA Transformer

It can be tough having the motivation to get your heart rate up through the colder, darker months - TIKA is here to help.

Throughout July we will be posting up sessions for you to attack at home so by the time Spring rolls round you're feeling great and ready to flick the switch heading into summer.



+ 4-5minute jog to get the heart rate up a little;

+ Perform some bodyweight squats and press ups to warm your muscles up;

+ Spend 5 minutes performing dynamic stretches - shoulder rolls / back rotations / leg swings etc.


BLOCK ONE | Box Jumps + Donkeys

BLOCK TWO | Box Jumps + Frog Burpees

BLOCK THREE | Box Jumps + SuperPups

BLOCK FOUR | Box Jumps + Sprawls

BLOCK FIVE | Box Jumps + McCaws

BLOCK SIX | Box Jumps + Jump Sprinters (ES)

Each block:

(i) 6x Box Jumps + 2x Second Exercise

(ii) 4x Box Jumps + 4x Second Exercise

(iii) 2x Box Jumps + 6x Second Exercise

(vi) 200m - 400m Run.

Total Session time (not including warm up) should be around 30-35 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE - This session is high intensity and uses faster movements so your heart rate will increase:

1. If you have not been training we recommend you scale back the session to ensure you perform quality reps and finish what you start.

2. Perform seated jumps instead of box jumps to ensure your form remains as safe as possible.

3. If you feel like stopping during the session we suggest you swap the Run for a recovery walk to give you the best chance of recovery between blocks.

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