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Ready to Challenge Your 'Strength'?

If you cruised through our foundation program and you're ready for an eye-watering bodyweight strength session - keep reading.

Whether you're a rookie* or a professional, this session will test what you've got! The following session will take around 20-25mins depending on the number of sets you perform.

Progression One:

20 Bump Pups + Isometric hold

20 Bump Squats + Isometric Hold

20 Snappers - Isometric Hold

20 Pike Punch + Isometric Hold

20 Sliders + Iso Leg Raise

*3-5 Sets each | Start each new set on the minute.

Check out our YouTube channel for a full outline of these exercises or read through the explanation of movement / key coaching points below.

If you'd like to experience TIKA Training for yourself feel free to come and test your TIKA at the Tin Shed - SESSION TIMES HERE.

CURRENT MEMBERSHIP DEALS include: No sign-on fees; No Term-Contract; No weekly fees until Feb 1, 2017; & unlimited access to TIKA Training / Physiotherapy.

TIKA - You've got it.


Bump Pups - Two-inch press ups from ground up.

1. Thumbs in line with you nipples

2. Hips Up & eyes down to protect neck

3. Chest only contact

Isometric Hold (Chest) - Static hold in press up position.

1. Hips Up

2. Thumbs in line with your nipples

2. Elbows bent (lower = harder)

Bump Squat - 2 inch squats from bottom of stance

1. "Nipples Up"

2. Squeeze bum , don't bounce knees

3. Try increase range of movement each set

Isometric Hold (Legs) - Static hold in squat position (Wall or freestanding)

1. "Nipples Up" & back straight

2. Distribute weight through foot

3. Knees behind toes

Snappers - Lie on front, palms at side from ground to tailbone & repeat.

1. Straight arms

2. Shoulders off the ground

3. Eyes down

Isometric Hold (Back) - Static hold in half chin up position

1. Elbows back

2. Lower = Harder

3. Stay in the fight.

Pike Punch - bum high, lifting position, bend elbows, extend.

1. Chest to thighs

2. Tailbone high

3. Elbow behind ears.

Isometric Hold (Shoulders) - Static hold in half press position (Pike or Handstand position)

1. Chest to thighs

2. Elbow behind ears

3. Lower = harder

Sliders - Crunch position, slide hands up thighs over knees

1. Lower back to ground

Iso Leg Raise - Hold legs at a 45 degree angle

1. Hands under bum for support

2. Lower back to ground

3. Higher = easier

*If you have any medical or physical concerns please consult a medical professional before undertaking any new health and fitness program.

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